About Us

The Foundation Plaster specialist in Utah

Lassiter Plaster began in 2001.  Adam Lassiter apprenticed as a plasterer in 1999 and after furthering a business that worked in Washington and Utah, struck out on his own doing large and small stucco jobs. 

As the economy grew in the early to mid 2000’s he began learning (hands on) the siding trade so he could offer full exterior services to general contractors.  Ever since learning the plastering trade, and later the siding trade, he saw a need for specialization in foundation plastering. Stucco contractors did not want to plaster foundations, as it meant returning to a job long after having finished the stucco, and siding contractors couldn’t plaster foundations. General contractors were left only one option… call a/their stucco guy and see if he would come and plaster a foundation.

In 2005 Lassiter Plaster decided to fill this gap in service and specialize in foundation plastering.  They searched for a while to find a crew who’s foundation plastering work was the best they had ever seen.  Adam hired this crew and worked beside them until he acquired the skill to do the same excellent quality. Today Lassiter Plaster is recognized by many of Utah’s top builders as the only one to call for foundation plaster.


Professional Quality Foundation Plaster