At Lassiter Plaster, we strive to exceed the expectations of each and every customer. We do that by using the highest quality products and through our attention to detail.

We are a professional company who specializes in foundation plaster. Not only are we easy and friendly to work with, but all of our employees are experienced professionals who can complete your project in a timely manner. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee which includes our "Touch Up Warranty" - All touchups and warranty work is completed in 48 hours or less! 

Home Foundation Plastering

A good first impression on a house says you care and nothing tells your client/homeowner that you pay attention to ALL the details than the small things you do at the end of your project. When you pay attention to the details, especially on the exterior of you project, curb appeal, your clients/homeowners feel confident that all the 'unseen details' are also done with the same care. Foundation plastering is one of those small but very important items that show you care. We help the builders we work with exceed any expectation their customers may have of quality and workmanship so they can sell more homes. We do this by "paying attention to the details" - like no one else! When it comes to foundation plastering no one does a better job than Lassiter Plaster.  Hire the best and know that the important details at the end of your project will be completed by a company that cares and specializes in foundation plastering.  

Home Foundation Plastering
Retaining Wall Plastering

Large Retaining Wall Plastering

There is a beauty in raw natural concrete that is not seen in a stucco or many other sorts of faux finishes.  A large poured concrete retaining wall can be an eye sore or a work of art.  Lassiter Plaster has the skill and experience to plaster large retaining walls and turn them into something that makes people stop and stare.

Our Work

Professional Quality Foundation Plaster